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Sandara Park reveals filipino celebrities’ romantic gestures

Singer Dara Park has shared stories about the love lives of Filipino celebrities.

On the 10th, a video titled ‘Dara Dara, the Bright Dara ♥ There’s No Other Sister as Graceful as This’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Snake House.’ The guest for the day was 2NE1 member turned solo artist Sandara Park, who shared various stories during her visit to BamBam‘s house.

Dara Park talked about her experiences growing up and working in the Philippines. She mentioned, “Filipino people are all ENFPs. Even if you meet them for the first time, they’re all playful. Living there made me even more introverted when I came back to Korea.”

BamBam then dared to ask, “When are you going to get married?” inquiring about Dara Park’s marriage plans.

Dara Park responded, “I’m single. But I’ve canceled about 2% of my statement that I can’t talk about it. Things I didn’t like might suddenly become likable. Later on, if I happen to get married, my friends might criticize me too much, so I opened the door of my heart a little.”

In response to BamBam’s comment, “I don’t think you’ll marry a Korean,” Dara Park admitted, “I do feel like I might match better with a foreigner.”

When asked if she would consider marrying a Filipino man, she started sharing a story, saying, “Filipino men are so romantic. They fly helicopters on Valentine’s Day.”

Dara Park explained, “(Filipino men) giving flowers is a given. It’s a story about celebrity colleagues. Articles come out like, ‘Someone took their loved one to a city with a beautiful night view,’ and I envy that. It’s not that I envy the helicopter; I envy the romantic nature of Filipino men.”

She added, “They kneel down and ask to be your boyfriend. It’s the epitome of sweetness.”


Author joyce.editor
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