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SEVENTEEN’s DK releases refreshing rendition of ‘Short Hair’ for ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’ OST

SEVENTEEN‘s member, DK, is leading the way as the first artist to release an OST for the JTBC drama ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri.’

On December 3rd at 6 PM KST, DK will release ‘Short Hair,’ the OST for the new JTBC weekend drama ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri,’ across various online music platforms.

The drama, which premiered on December 2nd, tells the story of a pure and heartwarming romance between Samdal (played by Shin Hye-sun), who loses everything after falling from a cliff at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, and Yong-pil (played by Ji Chang-wook), who has protected the stream near the cliff with all his heart and returns to his hometown to find love.

As the drama’s story unfolds with Samdal and Yong-pil’s reunion, the song ‘Short Hair,’ which resonates with the characters’ childhood memories and emotions, enhances the immersive experience for viewers. The song made a strong impact by appearing in key scenes, including the opening of the first episode.

DK’s rendition of ‘Short Hair’ preserves the sentiments of the original 1980s hit by Cho Yong-pil while adding a refreshing sound that suits the drama’s atmosphere. DK’s melodic voice brings a new dimension to the song, making it a perfect fit for the drama. This OST is expected to enrich the chemistry between the two characters as they reunite and unfold their story in Jeju.

Moreover, renowned composers Lee Ki-hwan and Moon, who have led the remake trend in the music industry with rearrangements of songs like Kyuhyun’s ‘The Moment My Heart Trembled’ and Huh Gak’s ‘Of Course,’ contributed to enhancing the completeness of the song.

SEVENTEEN’s main vocalist, DK, known for his powerful vocal skills and unique tone, has showcased his musical versatility through various cover contents and OSTs. With ‘Short Hair,’ fans can anticipate experiencing DK’s distinctive musical color once again.


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