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SEVENTEEN’s electrifying impact: A heartwarming showcase of power on “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”

SEVENTEEN, the “God of Music,” has truly demonstrated their power.

On the 26th, SEVENTEEN members Vernon and The8 appeared on KBS COOL FM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” to celebrate the release of their 11th mini-album.

Regarding their achievements, including reaching number 1 on music charts and the extensive fan support, Vernon expressed, “I was pleasantly surprised.” The8 shared, “More than our own greatness, we thought, ‘Our fans really love us,’ so our fans are lovely.”

Vernon, who is known to be a fan of Park Myung-soo, expressed his desire to participate as a guest in Park Myung-soo’s concert plan. The8 added with a smile, “I like Park Myung-soo, but if there is a cool song on stage, I’ll go.”

Vernon, who recently completed a performance at the Tokyo Dome in September, said, “I’ve performed several times in large and meaningful venues. I’m really grateful.” The8 also expressed, “It must be the dream of every idol. I also have many thoughts as I watch star-studded performances. There is still the Dome Tour left. I plan to meet many more fans in the future.”

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When asked about outdoor and indoor concerts, Vernon replied, “There’s nothing that we find more comfortable between the two. We just focus on the stage. The most important thing is stamina.” The8 added, “Indoors would be more comfortable for the fans.”

Regarding album settlements, Vernon humorously remarked, “It comes in if you wait for it.” The8 stated, “I don’t wait for settlements. I take them as they come. I don’t focus on that, but I’m happy and thankful every time I see the settlement.”

Regarding their new song’s choreography, The8 introduced it by saying, “It looks easy, but it’s challenging choreography and tempo.” He also mentioned, “I’m not that physically strong, so I often feel pain when dancing powerfully. I think I need to focus on condition management and rehabilitation exercises to continue performing.”

In response to Park Myung-soo’s compliment about Vernon’s lower body strength, Vernon replied, “I’ve heard such comments since I was a trainee.” The8 also commented, “It seems like Vernon has strong lower body muscles.”

They also discussed the promotion of SEVENTEEN Street in Seongsu, which was launched to coincide with their comeback. Vernon introduced, “SEVENTEEN’s name is written on the street and buildings.” News that the area’s sales have tripled was received with delight. Park Myung-soo commented, “When you raise a group well, the neighborhood thrives, and so does the country. We should make one in the Hongdae area as well. Small business owners will like it.”

SEVENTEEN - The8 & Vernon

A unique birthday gift system unique to SEVENTEEN was also revealed. Vernon explained, “The person celebrating their birthday posts in the group chat about what they want. The cost is divided among the other 12 members, and they transfer it to their account.”

On his birthday, The8 revealed, “I have a lot of interest in furniture, so I’m thinking about a sofa.” This statement brought laughter to the conversation.


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