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Seventeen’s Joshua from dating rumor to porsche protest; “Excessive situation” leaves netizens divided

Amid ongoing suspicions of a romantic relationship involving Seventeen‘s member Joshua, a series of protests organized by fans has stirred up a debate. Starting from truck protests to a Porsche protest, opinions are divided, with some considering the actions excessive.

Last week, rumors of Joshua’s alleged romantic involvement with influencer A spread through social media. The speculation was fueled by the display of couple items on their personal social media accounts.

The controversy was reignited when A was spotted attending Seventeen’s concert in July. This stirred up controversy once again, as it was deemed unsettling that A was invited to an event known for its intense competition among fans.

Despite these controversies surrounding Joshua, both Joshua and his agency, Pledis Entertainment Korea, have remained silent and refrained from offering any official statements. In response, frustrated fans have begun voicing their opinions more actively.

On the 10th, a truck displaying messages urging Joshua to leave his agency appeared in front of the HYBE headquarters. This method, known as a “truck protest,” has been increasingly used within fan communities to express dissatisfaction with agencies. The truck carried messages such as “Deceptive fans. If you won’t show a professional attitude on official SNS and at concerts, then leave,” and “An idol disqualified for trampling on fans’ feelings.”

This anger didn’t stop there. Recently, Porsche vehicles were seen parked in front of the headquarters of the four major entertainment agencies (SM, JYP, HYBE, YG). These vehicles carried messages holding Joshua accountable and continued the protest. This demonstration garnered attention and was witnessed by many.

However, with the emergence of the “Porsche protest” following the “truck protest,” public sentiment seems to be shifting towards a perception of excessiveness. While fans may have every right to feel betrayed by an idol’s perceived deceitful actions, some argue that the intensity of anger has crossed a line, resembling an overreaction bordering on criminal accusations.

As rumors of Seventeen’s member Joshua’s romantic involvement and the fan deception suspicions continue, the fandom is expressing its anger through various means. With an upcoming comeback, attention is now focused on how Joshua will approach his fans in the future.

Author Nat.O
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