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SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups tore his cruciate ligament during filming → NCT’S Taeil fractured his thigh while riding his motorcycle

In a series of injuries among idols, the comeback of these individuals has also faced obstacles.

Recently, SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups announced a temporary halt to his activities due to a cruciate ligament injury sustained during filming. His agency, Pledis Entertainment, stated on the 17th, “During content production filming involving ball games on the 10th, S.Coups suffered a left knee injury while landing. Immediately after the accident, he was taken to the hospital for thorough examinations including an MRI, which revealed a diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament tear in the left knee joint, necessitating treatment and surgery.”

The agency further stated, “S.Coups will find it difficult to participate in most official activities for the time being and plans to focus on recovery through surgery and rehabilitation.” They added, “Although S.Coups is very determined to participate in the scheduled activities, we will prioritize medical opinions and the artist’s recovery, and flexibly manage future activities.”

SEVENTEEN is gearing up for a comeback in October. In July, they mentioned during a concert, “You all know our comeback is in October. We’ve almost finished working on the new album.” Additionally, they announced active activities even before their comeback, with plans to kick off the “SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ TO JAPAN” from September to December in five cities in Japan, starting at the Tokyo Dome on September 6-7.

S.Coups, in response to this situation, shared on Weverse on the 17th, “I had many plans, so I feel disappointed, but my top priority is to recover quickly and show Carats a great stage. I’m sorry to the members and Carats who prepared together.”

A cruciate ligament tear like the one S.Coups suffered requires a minimum of six months to over a year of rehabilitation, and it leaves long-lasting effects. This raises uncertainties about his participation in the previously announced Japan Dome Tour as well as the October comeback. Nonetheless, fans are expressing their concerns with voices of reassurance, saying “Don’t be sorry.”

While it seemed like a ‘red light’ had been turned on for SEVENTEEN due to S.Coup’s absence – who is the overall leader and a strong pillar for the group – fellow member Seungkwan, who had been in a similar situation of activity suspension, announced that he will be rejoining the activities for the October comeback. S.Coups, too, is showing strong determination for his return, making it worth observing whether he will be able to join the activities later.

NCT‘s Taeil suffered a motorcycle accident on his way home, resulting in a fracture in his right thigh. SM Entertainment stated on the 15th, “Early on that day, after finishing his schedule, Taeil was riding a motorcycle on his way home and was involved in a traffic accident. He was immediately taken to the hospital for thorough examination and treatment.” The examination revealed a diagnosis of a fracture in Taeil’s right thigh, and the medical staff recommended surgery. He is currently receiving necessary treatment at the hospital in preparation for surgery.

The agency said, “Taeil will temporarily halt all schedules and focus on treatment and recovery. He won’t be able to participate in NCT’s group concert on August 26th, so we ask for your understanding.” This unexpected accident has also caused a “red light” for Taeil’s NCT comeback activities scheduled for the 28th. NCT, in which Taeil is a member, is set to hold a group concert, “NCT NATION: To The World,” at Incheon Munhak Stadium on the 26th and release their 4th regular album, “Golden Age,” on the 28th.

In a situation where a comeback was imminent, the sudden accident has cast uncertainty on future activities. Fans are expressing their regret while also worrying about Taeil’s health.

Singer Lee Chanwon also announced a temporary halt in his activities due to a minor accident. On the 9th, he posted on his official fan cafe, “I sustained a minor injury due to a slight accident, which is causing a disruption in my activities.” He reassured fans that it wasn’t a significant injury and apologized for causing concern.

Afterward, Lee Chanwon resumed his activities eight days later. His agency, Chorokbaem Entertainment, stated, “Although Lee Chanwon had temporarily halted his activities due to a minor accident, he has been focusing on rest, condition management, and recovery. We respect the artist’s desire to communicate with his fans as soon as possible and will resume activities.” While some expressed concerns about a hasty return, most fans are hoping for a speedy recovery while understanding the importance of his health.

While an early return is hoped for, the most crucial factor is the artist’s well-being. Even if a ‘red light’ has been illuminated for their activities, it’s essential for the artists to take sufficient time for recovery before facing their fans once again.

Author Nat.O
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