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SF9 Rowoon departs from SF9 to focus on acting and Chani renews contract

SF9 member Rowoon has left the group to concentrate on his acting career. Currently, he is starring in the comprehensive channel Thursday drama ‘This Love Is Inevitable.’ Meanwhile, another representative ‘actor-dol’  from SF9, Chani, has renewed his contract with the agency and will remain with the group. Chani has received recognition for his acting in various works such as ‘SKY Castle’ and last year, he made his debut as the lead in a film.

FNC Entertainment, the agency, announced on the 18th, “SF9, who has been active as artists under the agency for seven years since their debut in 2016, ended their 1st contract on September 18th.” They also stated, “SF9, who has renewed the contract with the agency except for Rowoon, will once again leap forward as an eight-member group.”

Regarding Rowoon, the agency mentioned, “He plans to focus on personal activities, including acting.” They added, “Although their directions may be different, Rowoon will always remain as SF9’s 9th member, and all the other eight members will support each other, aiming to show their fans the best of themselves in their respective paths.”

Rowoon expressed his feelings about leaving the group in a handwritten letter. He said, “There were big and small misunderstandings that I couldn’t resolve one by one, and I felt frustrated. I thought that someday, my sincerity would be conveyed, so I focused on what needed to be done immediately.” He apologized to fans who were hurt by his careless attitude, saying, “If you felt hurt and disappointed by my different self, it was probably because I hid myself.”

Eventually, Rowoon decided to leave SF9 and focus on his acting career, saying, “I want to challenge new things with courage.” He emphasized that he wants to live a life where 27-year-old Kim Seokwoo can take responsibility. “I hope you remember me as I am, and if you watch me with a loving gaze, I will be grateful,” he added.

Leader Youngbin expressed his support for Rowoon’s departure. Through the official fan cafe, Youngbin stated, “I’m worried about what to say to FANTASY (official fan club) who must have been very worried and surprised by today’s announcement. I can’t do anything but feel sorry for FANTASY, who have supported SF9.” He also mentioned that he had many conversations with Rowoon during his vacation and that their discussions included many events from the past seven years as well as the complex and subtle emotions they feel now. Youngbin concluded by expressing his hope that the day would come when Rowoon would sincerely laugh again and that he would always support Rowoon’s future.

SF9 will hold a fan concert, ‘One Day Project OF9 – Unlock Pandora – In Seoul’, on October 9th at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Seoul. Only the remaining seven members, excluding Rowoon and Jeyoon, who are currently serving in the military, will meet with fans. Inseong and Youngbin will complete their military service this month and rejoin the group.


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