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Shin Min-ah, followed by Kim Woo-bin, donates 100 million KRW for disaster relief

Following her partner Kim Woo-bin, actress Shin Min-ah has joined the donation efforts for disaster recovery.

On the 16th, the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association announced that Shin Min-ah has donated 100 million KRW for the neighbors affected by the disaster.

Shin Min-ah’s agency, AM Entertainment, stated, “With the heartfelt desire to extend deep comfort to everyone who has suffered significant damage due to the recent heavy rainfall, we decided to participate in the donation.”

Shin Min-ah, known as a representative philanthropist in the entertainment industry, previously donated 100 million KRW and 50 million KRW to Hope Bridge to help neighbors affected by the coastal wildfires last year and the earthquakes in Turkey this year, respectively.

Kim Jung-hee, Secretary-General of Hope Bridge, expressed gratitude to Shin Min-ah for her participation in the donation, stating, “We have been operating our Disaster Safety Situation Room since the 13th, and we will do our best to help the affected individuals return to their daily lives as soon as possible.”

Previously, Kim Woo-bin, who is in a public relationship with Shin Min-ah, also donated 100 million KRW for the neighbors affected by the heavy rainfall.

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