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SHINee’s Key reveals SM Entertainment’s secrets on Ssulply

On the 14th, a video titled ’16-year veteran Key from SM reveals secrets of the SM industry’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Ssulply’.

In the video, Lee Seok-hoon visited the SM building and met Key. Lee Seok-hoon asked, “You’re a debut mate. It’s been 15 years since your debut. How’s your position in SM now?” Key replied, “I call the CEO ‘Hyung’.”

Key, who went to the 7th-floor in-house cafe, introduced, “Only staff members use this. It’s a place where we do video call fan sign events.”

When he met the HR team, Lee Seok-hoon met a 10-year veteran employee. Lee Seok-hoon said, “There must be people who want to come because they like the artists in the agency.” The employee replied, “Understanding and interest in the company are important, so I’m positive about it.”

Key met an employee who became a topic by dancing to Taemin’s ‘MOVE’. The employee said, “I was the youngest member of SHINee at that time. Now, I’m the manager of Red Velvet. I’m preparing for Red Velvet’s comeback. I also briefly worked with Wonder Girls, GOT7, and MOMOLAND. I thought the grass was greener on the other side, but SM was the best.”

Regarding the best welfare, he added, “You can always work with celebrities you like, and artists are proud everywhere. The most handsome celebrity is SHINee.”

About how he feels when entertainers spoil the album without a top, he said, “I watch it from the front and tell them to stop. There are a lot of changes during the album preparation period, so I want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. I always tell them in detail.” Key added, “In our team, it’s Taemin.”

Next was the A&R department. Key complained, “My album hasn’t even finished, but Taemin is being arrogant.” The employee said, “He adds noise to the songs.”

Key explained, “It’s because of leaks. It’s something that hasn’t been disclosed by the entertainment. For example, there are cases where you have to let the jacket team listen to the song. We’re the only ones who know. There’s a sound that goes ‘tsu’ in 10 seconds. If the demo version leaks, it means it leaked from that team. I sent a demo with a ‘tsu’ sound at 25 seconds to the broadcasting station. If a ‘tsu’ sound comes out at 25 seconds, it means it leaked from the broadcasting station.”

The A&R manager said he’s been with the company for 8 years and talked about the songs he handled. He said, “SHINee’s songs all did well. Group intelligence is the top priority.”

The casting director said, “We cast in crowded places like Hongdae and Gangnam Station. We even go to remote places like Geoje Island. We also cast in schools. I’ve been misunderstood as a scammer a lot. I give them my business card and ask them to check with the company.”

Key laughed and said, “Why did I get fired three times? I’m not even asking for a casting, just to see me once. The person who fired me three times went somewhere else and created ‘The Boyz’.”

Watch the whole episode below!


Author Nat.O
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