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Shoo shares profound reflections on life in heartfelt message

On the 30th, Shoo said, “My life. Life is when one person is born as a human and loves another person.” She continued, “I don’t know how many chapters there will be in life, but it’s true that I’m walking forward facing life.”

She also added, “The world ahead will go back in some form, and even if it becomes like a roller coaster in that time and space, the form, speed, and size of my remaining life… Maybe it will match the speed at which the roots of the trees I planted are spreading.”

She continued, “No matter what kind of tree I become… I will be satisfied with it and live, feeling grateful for every moment, looking at that tree as a sign that my life is alive.”

“Our lives. A person loving another person. The tree of life. Have a joyful holiday.”

Previously, Shoo was sentenced to a 2-year probation and 80 hours of community service for habitual gambling.

Shoo announced her return through an internet broadcast BJ and faced controversy for wearing revealing outfits. Bada criticized her, and they admitted they had grown apart. Bada said, “People who only tell you what you want to hear? They might be melting you away. I hope you find yourself before it’s too late. People who say sweet things to you, I think it’s all lies.”

Later, Bada apologized by writing the lyrics of S.E.S’s song ‘Letter,’ saying, “Sooyoung, I’m sorry for lacking. I’ll always wait for you.” In this context, Shoo’s recent meaningful post has attracted attention.


Author Nat.O
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