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Singer DAWN expressed confidence in his new album, which compresses all emotions of love

On the 15th, DAWN and singer-songwriter Jeminae appeared as guests on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

On this day, DAWN, who has been active as a solo artist, surprised everyone by revealing, “I felt a limit.”

He said, “I felt the limit and doubt after doing it alone for three years. But when I saw my singer-songwriter friends, I was inspired. They stimulate me, and everyone is so good.”

Regarding his new album ‘Narcissus,’ DAWN explained, “When we gathered at the Groovy Room with Jeminae, we said, ‘We want to show sincerity to the public through music,’ and at that time, I thought there was a person named ‘me’ thanks to love. This album has eight songs, and it contains all the emotions I felt while in love.”

When asked about the reason for the album’s title ‘Narcissus,’ DAWN confessed, “When I was in love, I projected myself onto the other person. So it’s harder when you break up later.” Kim Shin-young empathized, saying, “That’s right. You have memories of when you loved. It feels like you cut off a part of yourself.” DAWN broke up with singer HyunA in November last year.

The new album features various featured artists, including 10CM, pH-1, Jeminae, and Kim Sawol. Regarding this, DAWN expressed, “It was just so good. I was happy to work with these artists.”

He also revealed the behind-the-scenes story of his collaboration with Kwon Jung-yeol. He said, “I received his number and called him right away. Honestly, I didn’t expect much, but he immediately said, ‘Send me the song,’ so I was actually surprised. He said he liked it right away. I was very grateful.”

On this day’s broadcast, DAWN performed a live stage of his new song ‘Star.’ Kim Shin-young praised his lyrical vocals, saying, “It’s touching. It sounds like raindrops.” To this, DAWN replied, “Strangely, even among the chords, there are bright chords, major chords, but I like minor chords. But even if I play major chords, it’s sad.”

Jeminae, who is of the same age as DAWN, talked about her first impression of her friend DAWN, saying, “I thought he was cold, dark, and hard to approach. But he talks a lot. He’s really talkative.”

Kim Shin-young added, “(DAWN) talks very softly.” DAWN emphasized, “I’m a really nice person,” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, DAWN’s new album ‘Narcissus’ was released on the 15th.


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