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Two highly anticipated Korean films to be released in November: “Single in Seoul” and “Seoul’s Spring” explore different aspects of the city

Two highly anticipated Korean films set to be released in November, “Single in Seoul” and “Seoul’s Spring,” each focus on different aspects of the city, piquing curiosity among moviegoers.

First, the well-made realistic romantic comedy “Single in Seoul” portrays the story of a power influencer “Young Ho,” who enjoys being single, and an editor “Hyunjin” from a publishing company who despises being alone, as they collaborate on a book about the single life. This film is expected to highlight the charms of “Seoul” in a different way compared to “Seoul’s Spring.”

On the other hand, “Seoul’s Spring,” which depicts the confrontation between the troops dispatched to suppress the rebellion by the ruling junta in December 12, 1979, and the hope for democracy after the end of military dictatorship, showcases a situation full of tension. Despite the title symbolizing the hope for the end of military dictatorship and the dawn of democracy, the film creates a palpable sense of crisis in the very heart of Seoul. “Seoul’s Spring” is expected to provide a unique glimpse into the Seoul of that time, which faced a crisis unimaginable today, through the intense confrontation in the heart of the city.

In contrast, “Single in Seoul” portrays the romance between two individuals with different lifestyles, beautifully capturing the familiar landscapes of “Seoul” such as Namsan, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and the Han River.

Director Park Bum-soo expressed his desire to show Seoul from a different perspective, saying, “I wished to depict Seoul in a way that is beautiful and romantic, allowing us to see it from a different point of view. The romantic beauty of Seoul and the empathy for the people living there will be the key focal points.”

Moreover, the film effectively reflects the dynamic changes and the coexistence of long-standing traditions in Seoul through the life of “Young Ho” (played by Lee Dong-wook). The unexpected romance that unfolds when the author “Young Ho” and editor “Hyunjin” (played by Im Soo-jung) collide while creating an essay about Seoul promises to resonate with the audience by stimulating their dormant romance cells.

Single in Seoul' trailer: Lee Dong-wook, Im Soo-jung promise an  entertaining film - India Today

The film “Single in Seoul,” which is expected to generate a romantic film frenzy in theaters with its realism, empathy, and excitement, will be released nationwide on November 29.

Lee Dong-wook, Lim Soo-jung and Esom to Star in Film 'Single in Seoul' @  HanCinema


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