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SISTAR’s Soyou has spoken about the possibility of a full-group comeback with all four members; “The members all miss and love SISTAR and have a strong desire to repay the fans’ love.”

On 26th July, a media showcase was held in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu, where singer Soyou celebrated the release of her second mini-album, ‘Summer Recipe.’

During a joint interview with reporters, when asked about a potential SISTAR full-group comeback, Soyou said, “When we meet as members, we talk every day about when would be a good time for us to meet again.”

She continued, “It’s difficult for me to give specific details alone. Everyone is engaged in various activities, so it’s challenging to align our schedules. Acting schedules can come unexpectedly, and there are cases where scenes are filmed in advance. We try not to burden each other. It’s like saying, ‘I won’t take on a project then,’ or ‘I’ll delay my album release,’ so we have those kinds of discussions, laughing.”

She added, “The last conversation we had was like this: ‘What if we coordinate and come back to our fans like a gift?’ However, it’s quite challenging. The members all miss and love SISTAR and have a strong desire to repay the fans’ love. When we meet, we talk about it frequently.”

SISTAR debuted in 2010 and left behind numerous hit songs such as “Push Push,” “I Swear,” “Loving U,” and “Give It to Me.” After the group disbanded in 2017, the members have been pursuing solo careers, including solo albums and acting activities.

On the same day, Soyou made her comeback with the release of her second mini-album ‘Summer Recipe’ at 6 PM. The title track ‘Aloha’ is a pop dance song with dynamic synth sounds, featuring support from fellow SISTAR member Bora.

Author Nat.O
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