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Sky Minhyuk has categorically denied allegations of school violence

Sky Minhyuk has categorically denied allegations of school violence.

On the 12th, Sky Minhyuk posted on his social media, “Three days ago, a post alleging school violence against me was uploaded on a community forum. The contents of that post are not true, and the person who initially wrote on the forum should face consequences.”

He further stated, “It’s absurd how strange things can happen in life. I will work harder on my music, thinking positively about the attention I’ve gained.”

Previously, a post surfaced on an online community alleging that he had bullied the author during middle school. The author, identifying as a female, claimed to have raised concerns about his school violence in the past but received little attention.

The post continued, “A (referring to Sky Minhyuk) wasn’t the ringleader but was one of the perpetrators. Back in middle school, he was not tall. He wasn’t part of a clique. That’s why he targeted me, a smaller girl.” The author also shared a graduation photo from middle school.

Netizens speculated that ‘A’ referred to Sky Minhyuk, prompting them to demand clarification from Sky Minhyuk via his SNS. In response, he directly addressed the allegations of school violence, denying them outright.


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