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Song Ha-yoon and Lee Yi-kyung’s ‘evil deeds’ in “Marry My Husband”

Song Ha-yoon and Lee Yi-kyung’s ‘evil deeds’ in “Marry My Husband”.

In order for the protagonist’s counterattack to be enjoyable, the villains’ evil deeds are essential. Accordingly, in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband’ (written by Shin Yu-dam, directed by Park Won-guk), the evil deeds of Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung) and Jeong Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon) are clearly depicted in order to achieve the exciting success of Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young), who is living her second life. is in progress.

In the recently released episode, their evil deeds became more severe. In episode 8, which aired on the 23rd, Jeong Soo-min becomes more active in seducing Park Min-hwan, Kang Ji-won’s boyfriend, and is intent on taking everything away from her friend.

She even got into a physical fight with Kang Ji-won under the pretense of playing a game, and even looked at the fallen Kang Ji-won with an eerie smile, making viewers angry.

Here, Kang Ji-won and Jeong Soo-min even got into an argument. In the end, when Kang Ji-won refused to lose to her, she revealed her true colors.

Jeong Soo-min said from a superior position, “Why are you doing this to me? You won’t lose,” and when Kang Ji-won said that she hated her, she came out in a hostile tone and retorted, “It’s all because of you that I became like this.”

In addition, Jeong Soo-min spends the night with Park Min-hwan and is obsessed with stealing Kang Ji-won. In the end, viewers were also angry at the two men and women who crossed the line.

Lee Yi-kyung’s acting as a ‘trash husband’ has already been talked about several times.

In the first episode, he garnered attention for brutally murdering his wife, Kang Ji-won, but as the episode continues, Park Min-hwan’s ‘true’ past is revealed and she is being criticized even more.

In a recent episode, Park Min-hwan was revealed to have made the most cost-effective proposal ever, and he also spent the night with Kang Ji-won’s close friend, Jeong Soo-min.

Moreover, after spending all his money on credit loans and even private loans, he devoted himself to stocks, lost all his assets, and then chose to marry Kang Ji-won as a place of refuge, which was enough to enrage viewers.

Lee Yi-kyung previously said at the production presentation, “Even when I look at it, I really hate it. As a result, I will be criticized by many people and pointed out by those who are immersed in it, so please do more. I understand that the drama is loved a lot.”

He added, “I am embarrassed by all of Hwan’s lines. As the viewers will feel after the broadcast, there is something to look forward to in the character. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Lee Min-hwan, Park Min-hwan, Kim Min-hwan, and many others,” he said, apologizing in advance.

Lee Yi-kyung’s villain role, which currently has such a large impact, recently appeared in “Hangout with Yoo”. It is also parodied and makes him laugh.

As their evil deeds continue, it is natural to root for Kang Ji-won.

Since living the second part of her life, Kang Ji-won has been independently developing her own destiny and is receiving applause. As her affair and murder brought her life to a tragic end in the first episode, she seeks to change her gutter-like fate in the second episode.

Unlike in the past, when she lived to please others by only observing their opinions, she is struggling to find out what she really wants and moving meticulously to protect her share. She even refuses the help of Yoo Ji-hyeok (Na In-woo), who claims to be her strong helper, and is creating her own destiny, raising expectations for her.

Thanks to this, “Marry My Husband” is enjoying high viewership ratings. It is on a roll, recording an initial viewership rating of 9.4% (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households nationwide).


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