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Song Hayoon: Embracing transformation and triumph in reinventing her life character

Song Hayoon is reinventing her life character. It’s a valuable result gained from overcoming sorrow and steadily walking on her path.

Song Hayoon boasts a timeless beauty with fair skin, a petite face, and distinct facial features, but behind this lies a 22-year career as an actress, born in 1986.

In the tvN drama series “Marry My Husband” where she plays Jung Soomin, the character has been causing trouble by flirting around despite being married to her best friend Kang Jiwon’s (played by Park Minyoung) husband Park Minhwan (played by Lee Yikyung), achieving the highest viewer ratings of 11%.

Despite outwardly appearing as Jiwon’s best friend since childhood, always there to support her and protect her from bullies, behind the scenes, Soomin constantly tries to ruin Jiwon’s life by stealing her crush, her job, and even her husband.

In the episode aired on the 12th, the story unfolded where Soomin harbored twisted desires towards Jiwon after witnessing an affair between Jiwon’s mother, Bae Heesuk (played by Lee Jungeun), and her father, Jung Mansik (played by Moon Jungdae). Soomin even went as far as asking for Jiwon to be killed, showing a truly villainous side.

Song Hayoon skillfully portrays a multifaceted character even in the role of a villain. She seamlessly transitions from a innocent-looking face to a chilling expression, perfectly embodying both sides of Soomin, who calmly says, “You shouldn’t be happy.”

Song Hayoon revealed in an interview with ExpoSports News after the conclusion of the MBC drama ‘My Daughter Geum Sa Wol’ in 2016, “I had countless slumps over 13 years. I debuted in my second year of high school, and I often felt crushed and sad thinking whether I should continue. Although not famous, I managed to do one or two works a year, but since they weren’t successful, I lived as an unknown actress.”

However, she also said, “But I could continue because I could do what I loved. The moment I shouted ‘action’ was when acting began, and it was so enjoyable. Over the long 13 years, I tried many different methods. I even cried if I wanted to. In the end, I thought it would bring better luck to fill these difficult times one by one and wait patiently.”

Thanks to her steadfast dedication to acting, she seized opportunities that came to the prepared. Anticipations are high for what kind of performance Song Hayoon will deliver in the remaining episodes of ‘Marry My Husband”, as she continues to create life characters in each drama.


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