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Song Hye-kyo is honored with the Grand Prize at the 2nd Chungryong Series Awards; “Congratulations to myself! Hye-kyo, you worked hard.”

At the ‘2nd Chungryong Series Awards’ held on the 19th, Song Hye-kyo received the Grand Prize for her performance in the Netflix series ‘The Glory’.

During her acceptance speech, Song Hye-kyo expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am truly thankful and so happy.” She mentioned that almost a year has passed since the filming of ‘The Glory’ ended, and she wanted to thank the staff, but they are all scattered on different sets, so she couldn’t greet them. However, she felt happy to be able to express her thanks at such a wonderful event.

She also thanked the amazing staff, without whom she couldn’t have completed the drama successfully. She specially mentioned director Ahn Gil-ho, who always answered her questions with exclamation marks on set, and expressed her gratitude for his guidance.

Song Hye-kyo shared that many actors in interviews after the drama said they received a lot of help from her, but she felt that she received more help, positive energy, and great acting that motivated her to work harder from her fellow actors in ‘The Glory’.

She expressed her love and gratitude to the writer Kim Eun-sook, who entrusted her with the role of Moon Dong-eun in the drama, for always being a source of strength for her.

Finally, Song Hye-kyo humorously said, “This kind of event may not happen to me again,” and congratulated herself for the first time, saying, “Well done, Hye-kyo.”

Earlier in April, Song Hye-kyo won the Best Actress award in the TV category for ‘The Glory’ at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

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