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Former Secret group member and actress Song Jieun to marry YouTuber Park We in October 2024

Former Secret group member and actress Song Jieun (34) to marry YouTuber Park We (37), in October.

According to broadcasters on the 11th, Song Jieun and Park We will hold their wedding ceremony on October 9th at their home in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The ceremony is scheduled to be private, with only family and close friends invited.

Song Jieun and Park We surprised the public by revealing their relationship through social media on December 21st last year. At that time, Song Jieun introduced her partner Park We for the first time, saying, “I want to introduce the precious person who came into my life like a gift,” and requested support and observation for their lovely relationship, saying, “Please support and watch over our lovely couple who have a great attitude towards life and know how to love people generously.”

Park We also revealed the presence of his partner Song Jieun, saying, “A warm and caring person. I met Jieun, who has a tender heart but strong faith.” Since then, the two have been openly sharing their love story through Park We’s YouTube channel, ‘Wee Racle.’

Their faith brought the two together. Meeting for the first time during dawn prayer at church, the two said, “As soon as I saw Park We, the door of favoritism opened wide,” (Song Jieun), “There were ten people, but one person stood out like a lie. I kept thinking about her even after I got home,” (Park Wee), confessing that they fell for each other at first sight.

Starting their official relationship with Park We’s confession, the two have been openly displaying their affection on social media with ‘lovegrams’ and have been appearing on entertainment programs such as MBN’s “Jun Hyun Moo’s Plan” and MBC’s “Radio Star,” juggling work and love together. On the 11th, they also participated in the recording of KBS2’s “Immortal Songs,” and they are scheduled to appear together on stage at the Bluespring Festival in early May.

Many netizens are pouring out their support for Song Jieun, who promised a lifetime alongside Park Wee, who overcame full-body paralysis with the power of positivity. With their marriage, congratulations and waves of support are flooding online.

Song Jieun debuted as a member of Secret in 2009 and also pursued a career as a solo singer. Currently, she is active as an actress under the management of Park Wee’s agency, Wee Racle.


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