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Song Joong Ki ♥ Katie’s Romantic Date in Rome… A Promise of Parenthood

Recently, photos of Song Joong Ki and Katie’s street date were published on overseas communities. Netizens who captured the pictures explained, “We happened to see Song Joong Ki in Rome, and it was an extraordinary moment.”

In the photos, Song Joong Ki and Katie are seen walking the streets of Rome in casual attire, wearing sunglasses. Holding the hand of his wife, who is nine months pregnant, Song Joong Ki affectionately escorts her, radiating warmth and love.

Last month, Song Joong Ki made his debut at the Cannes Film Festival after 15 years with the film “Bogota.” To accompany him for his first Cannes International Film Festival, Katie attracted attention by accompanying him.

During an interview with the domestic press at that time, Song Joong Ki revealed his love and care for his wife and unborn child, saying, “Although Cannes Film Festival is important, my entire focus is on their well-being. I have to take care of my wife in between promotional events and after everything is done.”

In a recent interview with a Chinese media outlet, he openly expressed his excitement as an expectant father. Fluent in English, he showcased his language skills, saying, “Becoming a father is the most important thing in my life. I have always dreamed of being a good father, just like my own father.”

He continued, “I truly love my father and have been greatly influenced by him. That’s why I have always wanted to be a good father, just like him.” He added, “However, sometimes I worry if I can be a good father. That’s why my wife and I discuss this topic every day. We believe that we will do our best and be able to do it.”

Earlier in January, Song Joong Ki announced his marriage and shared the news of Katie Louise Saunders, an English actress one year older than him, and her pregnancy through his fan cafe.

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