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Song Joong-ki is preparing to return to domestic work

Song Joong-ki, who attracted attention for his remarks expressing concern about a career break, is preparing to return to domestic work.

According to his agency Hi Jieum Studio, Song Joong-ki is considering appearing in the new drama “MY YOUTH” (working title). “MY YOUTH” is a word that means my youth, my childhood, etc. This is a new work by writer Park Si-hyun of the drama “Run On”.

Song Joong-ki’s agency, HighZium Studio, will be in charge of production. The specific logline has not yet been released. In particular, this work attracts attention because it is Song Joong-ki’s comeback work.

Previously, Song Joong-ki attracted attention in an interview with a statement that seemed to mean that becoming someone’s husband or father would mean losing one’s job in the entertainment industry. This caused controversy as it was interpreted as saying that becoming a ‘married man with a child’ would lead to a career break.

Accordingly, in an interview conducted to promote the movie “Dwarf”, Song Joong-ki said, “I found out about the controversy (about the controversy) about two days after the ‘career break’ article was published while I was in Italy after having my son. There were a lot of reports. I’ve never had that thought (career hiatus), but I think it’s because I was interviewed in English. When I looked back, I thought, ‘I can hear it like that.’ I could hear it like that.”

Song Joong-ki said, “Isn’t my job a job that can influence many people? I thought I would think carefully and state my thoughts well. I thought that some people might find it uncomfortable. I will be careful what I say.”

And hei is preparing to return again. He spent some time with his family without a long ‘career hiatus’ and returned to acting again. Although there was an incident where he said ‘career hiatus’, Song Joong-ki decided to put his acting skills to the test instead of taking a career hiatus by making a quick comeback. What will he look like in his next work? Attention is paid to the future.


Author Nat.O
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