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Actor Song Kang expressed his feelings about the end of the drama “My Demon”

Actor Song Kang expressed his feelings about the end of the drama “My Demon”.

The SBS Friday-Saturday drama “My Demon” ended on January 20th.

Song Kang played the role of Jeong Gu-won, a deadly and flawless demon in “My Demon”. In the play, it depicts the process by which Gu-won, who has been reigning as an apex predator for 200 years by making dangerous yet sweet trades with human souls as collateral, meets and falls in love with Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung), a human being whom he had considered insignificant.

While Do-hee’s narrative of salvation and Do-hee’s past from her past life caused viewers to become overly immersed, Lee Seon’s (Song Kang) tearful performance as she hugs the dead Wol-sim (Kim Yoo-jung) and cries pitifully left a deep lasting impression. Even in her current life, Guwon saves Dohee through a contract with Dohee’s father even before Dohee was born, and even when she was about to be killed by Noh Seok-min (Kim Tae-hoon), instead of saving Dohee, she protects her beloved Dohee with the sacrifice of herself, creating a desperate romance. paid it

Song Kang said her final goodbyes through her agency Namu Actors on the morning of the 21st. He said, “‘My Demon’ is already over. As always with all my works, ‘My Demon’ was also filmed with happy memories, and I was always grateful for the love that was given to me, so I also worked with ‘My Demon’.”

He continued, “I feel happy and grateful that I was able to build many memories over a long period of time, about 7 months. I will cherish the affection, support, and interest that viewers and fans have given me. I hope you all will continue to enjoy ‘My Demon’ for a long time. I hope you remember and love me. Thank you.”


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