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Song Kang showed off a dignified visual even with a shaved head

Song Kang, who is enlisting in the army as an active-duty soldier, showed off a dignified visual even with a shaved head.

On the 2nd, Song Kang expressed his feelings ahead of his military enlistment, saying, “I will do my best!!! I will come back safely!!!” Song Kang is seen touching his short hair awkwardly, but even with a shaved head, he couldn’t hide his celebrity visual, attracting attention.

Go Min-si, who co-starred with Song Kang in the Netflix series ‘Sweet Home,’ cheered him on, saying, “Stay healthy!!!!”

According to his agency, Song Kang will enter the training center as a new recruit on this day and will undergo basic military training before serving as an active-duty soldier in the army.

On the 1st, one day before his enlistment, Song Kang revealed a heartfelt thank-you message and his aspirations for the future through a handwritten letter. He expressed, “I won’t be by your side for a while now, but time flies quickly. When that time comes again, I hope to see you with gratitude and a healthy heart. When that time comes, I will meet you looking happier than now.”

He continued, “There are many things I want to do in the army, and one of them is to learn a new language. I will not waste the one and a half years of time there.”

Song Kang also showed sincerity towards his fans, saying, “I hope that during this time, my Song-bun (fandom name) will have meaningful moments doing what they want to do and finding themselves. The meaning of Song-bun is Song: Kang, Bbun: Fan, so let’s always think of each other, and I will always be there.”

Song Kang debuted in 2017 with the tvN drama “The Liar and His Lover.” Since then, he has appeared in various dramas such as “Man in the Kitchen,” “When the Devil Calls Your Name,” “Love Alarm,” “Sweet Home,” “Nevertheless,” and “Business Proposal”.


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