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TRI.BE’s Songsun expressed her condolences for the late Shinsadong Tiger

TRI.BE’s Songsun expressed her condolences for the late Shinsadong Tiger.

On the 29th, through the fan communication platform Bubble, Songsun greeted fans, saying, “Rather than saying ‘cheer up,’ I received a lot of strength and courage from words like ‘you did great on stage today,’ ‘you’re so pretty,’ and ‘your singing is amazing.'”

She continued, “Thank you so much for giving me energy by cheering loudly and coming to support us early in the morning on cold days. Those moments are ones that I will never forget, and I think I am much stronger and tougher than I thought, as much as Trues (fans) worry about me.”

Songsun also did not forget her gratitude towards the late Shinsadong Tiger. She said, “I will let everyone know that I become happy when I listen to PD-nim’s songs! You have always been like that for me during the long 10 years we spent together. ‘Just do what you want to do, don’t be afraid, and keep moving forward. Don’t worry because you’re doing well.’ I will let everyone know about TRI.BE even more energetically together with Trues and the company staff who are always with us! So Trues! Please stay with us until the end. Got it?”

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She added, “Thank you so much for patiently waiting for us and understanding our hearts without us saying anything. I really love you.”

The late Shinsadong Tiger was found dead in his studio located in Gangnam, Seoul on the 23rd. Shinsadong Tiger is a representative hitmaker in the music industry, who has produced numerous hit songs such as EXID’s “Up & Down,” T-ara’s “Roly-Poly,” “Trouble Maker’s” “Trouble Maker,” 4Minute’s “Volume Up,” and Apink’s “NoNoNo.”

Shinsadong Tiger debuted the girl group TRI.BE with Universal in 2021 as the head producer of TR Entertainment.


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