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Soyou parts ways with Big Planet Made Entertainment as exclusive contract expires

Soyou parts ways with Big Planet Made Entertainment as exclusive contract expires.

On February 1st, the comprehensive entertainment company Big Planet Made Entertainment officially announced the departure of Soyou as her exclusive contract reached its expiration.

Big Planet Made Entertainment stated, “The exclusive contract with Soyou has come to an end after in-depth discussions and a mutual decision, respecting each other’s opinions.”

Soyou, who became the first artist to join Big Planet Made Entertainment in September 2021, concludes her journey with the agency and embarks on a new chapter. They expressed gratitude to Soyou for her time with them, stating, “We sincerely thank Soyou for being with us, and we wholeheartedly support her as she continues to shine as a fantastic artist in various fields.”

Big Planet Made Entertainment, established in 2021, has shown steady growth in the entertainment industry. The agency represents artists such as Huh Gak, VIVIZ (Eunha, SinB, Umji), Lee Mu-jin, B.O., Ren, Ha Sung-woon, and choreographer Kany.

Official Statement from Big Planet Made Entertainment:

Hello, this is Big Planet Made Entertainment.

First, we would like to express our gratitude to all the fans who have shown love and continuous support for singer Soyou.

We hereby announce that the exclusive contract with Soyou expired on January 31, 2024.

Before the expiration of the contract, we engaged in lengthy and profound discussions with Soyou. As a result, we mutually agreed to respect each other’s opinions and decided to let the exclusive contract expire.

We deeply thank Soyou for the considerable time she spent with us. We sincerely support Soyou as she moves forward, showcasing her talents as a wonderful artist in various fields.

We ask for your unwavering love and support for Soyou as she embarks on this new journey.

Thank you.

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