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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’s star-studded cast: Lee Min Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Nana, and more set to cast for this exciting blockbuster

Lee Min Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Nana, and more confirmed for a high-stakes film ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ with a 30 billion KRW budget

According to the film industry on the 24th, Korean movie ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ are set to cast actors Lee Min Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Nana, Cha Soo Bin, Jung Sung Il, and Park Ho San. The details are currently being adjusted.

Based on the web novel of the same name, ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ tells the story of Kim Dok Ja, the protagonist, who wakes up in a world that has changed according to the content of a novel he was reading. He sets out to save the world.

The web novel, serialized on Munpia since February 2018, has received over 26 million views, bringing a transformation to the Korean web novel market. The webtoon adaptation is currently enjoying immense popularity.

‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ will be produced by Realies Pictures, the production company behind the popular film ‘Along with the Gods,’ and will be directed by Kim Byung Woo, known for ‘The Terror Live.’

Ahn Hyo Seop takes on the role of Kim Dok Ja, who, in the changed world as described in the novel, fights to save the world alongside the novel’s protagonist, Yoo Jung Hyuk. This marks Ahn Hyo Seop’s first appearance in a film.

Lee Min Ho plays Yoo Jung Hyuk, the protagonist of the novel ‘How to Survive in the Apocalypse,’ the basis for the changed world.

Yoo Jung Hyuk is a character with a sense of responsibility as he has an ability that allows him to continuously regress even after death, giving him a strong power to save the world.

Lee Min Ho and Ahn Hyo Seop’s casting is expected to be well-received by fans of the original work.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo makes her official debut in the film industry through ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.’ Jisoo made her acting debut in the JTBC drama ‘Snowdrop.’ While she made a cameo appearance as a fairy in the movie ‘Dr. Cheon and the Lost Talisman ‘ released in September, ‘One and Only’ marks her first full-fledged film appearance.

In the movie, Jisoo plays the role of Lee Ji Hye, leading the story alongside Kim Dok Ja and Yoo Jung Hyuk. It’s rumored that Jisoo readily accepted the casting offer as a fan of the original ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.’ Jisoo’s involvement in ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ is expected to garner global attention, especially after the news of BLACKPINK’s re-signing, which became a major issue not only in Korea but also in the global music industry.

Nana portrays Jung Hee Won, a strong-willed character who cannot stand injustice. Nana left a strong impression with her acting in the film ‘Confession’ produced by Realies Pictures. This connection led to her joining ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.’

Nana is highly likely to meet the high expectations of fans, given her high sync rate with the original character and her reputation built by global fans through Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ and ‘The Masked Singer.’

Cha Soo Bin plays Yoo Sang Ah, a colleague who worked at the same company as Kim Dok Ja, embarking on a journey with him. Shin Seung Ho, well-known for Netflix’s ‘D.P.’ and many villain roles, joins ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ as Lee Hyun Sung, a military veteran with a strong personality.

Actors Jung Sung Il and Park Ho San, known for Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ and ‘The Masked Singer’ and their various villain roles, respectively, also join ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint,’ adding to the intense atmosphere of the film.

‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ stands out as a blockbuster being produced amid a severely stagnant Korean film industry. Notably, it’s Smilegate, a medium-sized Korean game company famous for ‘Lost Ark’ and ‘Crossfire,’ that is investing in a film for the first time. Smilegate is participating as a joint investor with Lotte Entertainment.

This daring investment in the current situation of the Korean film industry, which has suffered from a lack of investment, is noteworthy. The film’s adaptation of a popular intellectual property is expected to be a series like ‘Along with the Gods’ if the first installment is successful. Given the line-up of actors participating, who are at the forefront of the Hallyu wave and K-pop stars, there is a global strategy in mind.

‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ has completed its major casting, and production is set to wrap up pre-production soon. The movie is scheduled to begin full-fledged filming in December. The question remains whether ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’ can become a beloved film just like the original work and help revitalize the frozen Korean film industry.


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