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Stories of Korean celebrities’ terrifying sasaeng fan stories: Obsession, not love, crime not fandom

Stories of Korean celebrities’ sasaeng fan stories: Obsession, not love, crime not fandom

While popular singer Jeong Dong-won, now 16 years old, confessed to being seriously harmed by sasaeng fans and announced strong criminal measures, many stars are suffering from fans’ criminal obsession, such as invasion of privacy and stalking.

It is basic to visit personal privacy spaces, and sasaeng criminals who claim to be fans who even bring knives to the make-up waiting room and cause trouble are continuing their illegal activities.

On the 27th, Jeong Dong-won’s agency, Showplay Entertainment, said through the fan cafe, “We would like to thank the Universe Mobilization (fandom name) who always cares for and supports artist Jeong Dong-won. Recently, he has been wandering around the artist’s practice room or home, or waiting for the artist. “We have confirmed that an infringement of privacy, such as an attempt to greet someone, has occurred.”

He added, “We plan to blacklist sasaeng acts without prior notice, and we plan to take strong criminal action against them. We inform you that we will handle acts that violate the artist’s privacy without any tolerance.” .

SUPER JUNIOR KyuHyun Kpop Profile - Kpopmap - Kpop, Kdrama and Trend Stories Coverage
Recently, it was reported that Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun injured his hand with a weapon from a woman in her 30s who broke into the dressing room of the musical ‘Ben-Hur’, and this was also revealed to be a crime committed by a sasaeng fan.

She said the woman was reportedly targeting musical actor Park Eun-tae. According to Park Eun-tae’s fan club on the 21st, after the final performance of Ben-Hur on the 19th, A, a woman in her 30s whom she had never met, came to the waiting room where the actor was and attempted to attack Park Eun-tae with her weapon.

Actor Park Eun-tae, who sensed her strangeness, subdued this person, and actors Seo Kyung-soo and Kyuhyun, who were together in the waiting room, helped and overcame the crisis. In the process, Kyuhyun injured his finger, and his agency reassured fans that it was “not a major injury.” Currently, Park Eun-tae is in need of stability due to mental trauma.

Gangseo Police Station in Seoul arrested the woman on suspicion of special threats. Investigators say the woman broke into her dressing room after watching a musical performance by hiding the weapon under her clothes. He is known to have stated in a police investigation, “I committed the crime because I was angry that the actor did not recognize me, a fan.”

Also, recently on the 22nd, Jang Geun Suk posted on his YouTube channel “I am Jang Geun Suk’. In a video titled “Why is BE’O here? The first-ever encounter of Jang Keun Suk & BE’O.” he confessed to the damage he suffered from sasaeng fans.

Regarding the reason why Jang Geun-suk wrote on SNS in the past, “I will unconditionally reject anyone who follows me around more than necessary. At that time, there was a driver who drove me in Japan, and a sasaeng came in touch with the driver. He told her where I was and where I was going. “They knew it and moved it in real time,” he recalled at the time. Jang Geun-suk confessed, “I liked that driver so much that I even gave him gifts,” and “rather than hating the sasaeng fan, I felt more betrayed as a person.”

In addition, there is an anecdote about the arrest of a woman who was waiting at the home of V of the world-renowned boy group BTS and handed him a marriage certificate while riding in the elevator together, and Jungkook’s home address is exposed online, and he is harassing people who order food delivered to his home. Everyone knows the anecdote where he threatened to backtrack and take action.

Gone are the days when his daily space, which he believes to be the safest, is open to the public and is forgiven in the name of a ‘fan’ even if it is invaded unexpectedly. Even now, damage caused by sasaeng continues in some places, starting with loitering at home and extending to crimes such as bribing people and stabbings, so the misplaced affection for artists should no longer be packaged with the plausible word fan sentiment.


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