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‘Strong girl Nam-soon’ Ong Seong-wu transforms to fulfil his promise

Ong Seong-wu from JTBC’s weekend drama ‘Strong girl Nam-soon’ is gearing up to fulfil his promise with Lee Yumi.

On the 14th, the drama captured the scene where Gang Heesik (Ong Seong-wu) heads to the Ojakgyo Bridge with Kang Nam-soon (Lee Yumi) and Hwang Geumju (Kim Jungeun). It has piqued curiosity about what decisive help Gang Heesik, who promised to find Nam-soon’s mother, will provide for their reunion.

In the midst of all this, the released photos contain the intriguing transformation of Kang Nam-soon and Gang Heesik. Gang Heesik is seen holding Kang Nam-soon’s wrist, leading her somewhere. Kang Nam-soon’s eyes reveal confusion as she doesn’t understand English. Tension is palpable in her face as she is captured at an unfamiliar entrance. Furthermore, in the subsequent photos, Kang Nam-soon’s bright smile while wearing Gang Heesik’s shirt makes her all the more endearing. Gang Heesik’s serious expression as he looks at her adds to the anticipation of their upcoming conversation.

Most notably, the question now is whether the two mothers and daughters will be able to reunite safely.

The production team of ‘Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon’ stated, “Gang Heesik’s transformation, which permeates through Kang Nam-soon, will bring delightful excitement. Please watch how Gang Heesik strives to keep his promise to Kang Nam-soon and anticipate the reunion of the two mothers and daughters.”


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