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Sung Hoon expresses discontent with production team for not providing drinks despite the scorching heat

During a recent episode of Channel A’s ‘City Fishermen 5,’ Sung Hoon voiced his complaints about the production team not providing drinks despite the scorching heat.

The episode, which aired on the 14th, showed the cast continuing their squid fishing expedition despite the ongoing heatwave. They faced mounting debt due to expenses, and on top of that, the day of filming was scorching, with temperatures approaching 38 degrees Celsius.

To shield himself from the sun, Sung Hoon covered his entire body in black clothing. Frustrated, he muttered, “They don’t even give us water. They could at least provide water. We’re suffering in this blazing heat,” and continued, “They don’t even give us carbonated drinks, and they could have given us coffee at the very least.”

Hearing his complaints, the production team commented, “Sung Hoon seems to be very good at mumbling to himself.” Sung Hoon jokingly responded, “Me? Did you all hear that? It’s embarrassing, so please pretend you didn’t.”

Unable to endure the situation any longer, Lee Soo-geun suggested, “Considering this special circumstance, maybe we should suggest providing drinks.” The production team agreed, saying, “If one of you catches something, we’ll provide each of you with a cola,” and everyone immersed themselves in fishing.

This humorous incident added a light-hearted moment to the challenging conditions faced by the cast and crew during the filming of ‘City Fishermen 5.’


Author Nat.O
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