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Sunmi reveals the compelling reason for not having a boyfriend on P-Sik University: ‘I might be just a friend, but for them, it could be passionate love'”

Sunmi has revealed the reason for not having a boyfriend on ‘P-Sik University’.

On the 15th, a video titled “Continuously Asking Sunmi” was posted on the YouTube channel ‘P-Sik University’.

Lee Yong-joo mentioned that Sunmi is “one of the celebrities who has been healthy for 17 years. She has had no scandals.” Sunmi explained, “Because I don’t have a driver’s license, I don’t drink much, and I don’t go out often. That’s probably why I’ve been healthy.”

Kim Min-soo asked Sunmi, “Aren’t you bored because you don’t go out?” Sunmi replied, “It’s not like I have a lot of friends to hang out with. My closest friends are them. My manager, makeup artist, and JYP (referring to Park Jin-young).”

Sunmi then added, “(Park Jin-young) always asks me to introduce him to someone if I have someone I meet all the time. He says, ‘I need to check who that guy is.’ ”

When asked about the ideal type of her male friends, Sunmi hesitated to answer. She said, “It takes me a while to think because I don’t have a boyfriend. But it could be like this. I think, ‘They are just really good male friends.’ But they might think, ‘It’s a chance to meet Sunmi.’ They might even love me.”


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