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Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul Denied Entry by Vietnamese Airport Security Guards, Faces Humiliation on ‘Knowing Bros’

According to recent reports, Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul faced humiliation when he was denied entry by Vietnamese airport security guards. The incident was discussed on the popular variety show ‘Knowing Bros.’

During the episode, Kim Hee-chul revealed that he was stopped by airport security guards in Vietnam and was not allowed to enter the country. The incident was described as a humiliating experience for the idol.

The exact reasons for the denial of entry were not disclosed in the article. However, it seems that Kim Hee-chul’s encounter with the Vietnamese airport security guards left a deep impact on him, leading to discussions on the show.

‘Knowing Bros’ is a well-known variety show where celebrities share interesting stories and engage in entertaining conversations. The incident involving Kim Hee-chul’s encounter with the Vietnamese airport security guards became a topic of discussion, attracting attention from the show’s hosts and fellow guests.

The article did not provide further details about the incident or Kim Hee-chul’s reaction to the situation. It focused mainly on highlighting the fact that he faced humiliation due to being denied entry by the airport security guards in Vietnam.

Fans and viewers of ‘Knowing Bros’ were likely curious to learn more about the incident and how Kim Hee-chul dealt with the situation.

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