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Support for BTS’s Suga continues, with Jin and J-Hope welcoming him

BTS member Suga has been receiving encouraging messages as he prepares for his military enlistment. Suga conducted a live broadcast on the 17th, during which he humorously remarked, “I’ve come to make a survival report,” while revealing his newly shaved head, which moved fans to tears.

Suga shared his thoughts about his enlistment, saying, “There’s no need to cry. Didn’t we promise to meet in 2025? It’s a bit sad that I won’t be able to do much for two years, but we do have that promise for 2025.”

BTS and their agency, Big Hit Music, have expressed the desire for the group to engage in full-scale activities in 2025 when all the members have completed their military service. Suga also mentioned this upcoming reunion in 2025, which helped alleviate fans’ sadness.

Support for Suga’s enlistment continued as fellow BTS members Jin and J-Hope left welcoming messages. Jin, who enlisted last December and is currently serving as a drill instructor, wrote, “Yoon-gi (Suga’s real name), stay strong, you’re cool, I support you. I was just talking about you with J-Hope. Come back safely. We’re always cheering for you. Stay strong. Fighting!”

J-Hope, who enlisted as the second member of the group in April, also left a message, saying, “I’ll watch the live before I give up my phone. The short hair suits you. Real hyung (older brother) Yoon-gi. Rest well. Go and return.”

Suga will be enlisting as the third member of BTS on the 22nd of this month. He will serve as a social service worker due to shoulder injuries he sustained, including surgery in November 2020.

The agency clarified that there would be no official events on the day of Suga’s enlistment and asked fans to refrain from visiting his workplace during his alternative military service.


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