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“Suzy Holding a Cigarette?”… A glimpse of Suzy’s surprising transformation in Netflix drama ‘Doona!’ teaser

The nation’s first love, Suzy, has taken on a radical image transformation.

A surprise teaser trailer for the drama ‘Doona!’ starring Suzy and Yang Se-jong was released on the official Netflix Korea YouTube channel, leading to explosive interest from fans.

Netflix’s ‘Doona!’ is a romance drama based on a webtoon of the same name. Suzy passionately portrays the character ‘Doo-na’, who has left her glamorous K-POP idol days behind and has retired.

Co-starring Yang Se-jong plays the role of ‘Won-jun’, an average college student who can’t take his eyes off Doo-na after meeting her at a shared house. The released trailer showcases Won-jun, unable to take his eyes off Doo-na as she basks in the morning sun. Being utterly captivated by Doo-na, Won-jun, unknowingly keeps staring and shakes himself out of it by lowering his head, trying to gather his thoughts.

The teaser displays the peculiar atmosphere between the two, featuring Won-jun’s dialogue, “I was wrong. I crossed the line without confidence,” followed by Doo-na’s line, “Won-jun, let’s be friends.”

Notably, in this teaser, Suzy, portraying Doo-na, is seen holding a cigarette, which caught fans off guard. Fans who witnessed Suzy lighting up and assertively approaching Won-jun in the trailer expressed their shock with comments like, “A drastic transformation of the nation’s first love, Suzy”, “Really curious how it will turn out in the main broadcast”, and “Suzy smoking?!”.

This unique Netflix drama ‘Doona!’, revealing a different side of Suzy, is set to release on October 20th, with a total of 9 episodes.

Author joyce.editor
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