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Suzy’s Blue Dragon win: A triumph of courage and self-belief

Suzy received the trophy for the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards, and it was more than just an award; it was an encouragement and support. The challenging film ‘Anna’, which Suzy was initially apprehensive about, was the one that brought her the first Blue Dragon trophy. Playing the lead role in ‘Anna’, Suzy created tension that ran through the entire series, which earned her not only praise but also self-confidence. At the Blue Dragon Series Awards held on July 19th, Suzy received her first-ever ‘Blue Dragon’ acting award.

Suzy, after receiving the award, said, “On the day of the awards ceremony, Jang Yoon (Jeong is mentioned in the original article) unnie and Kim Junhan oppa would say to me from time to time, ‘You seem like the right fit. It feels good.’ Each time they said that, I’d tell them to be quiet, afraid that others might hear! So, when my name was called, I was extremely surprised. Even going up on stage didn’t feel real, and even after receiving the award, I felt somewhat dazed. I kept thinking, ‘Is it really okay for me to receive this award?’ But after it ended and I returned to the company, everyone was so happy, and I received so many congratulatory messages that about two hours after the ceremony, it hit me, ‘Am I allowed to be happy?'” Suzy explained.

‘Anna’ was a challenging project for Suzy, both emotionally and physically, as she had to represent a wide age range, from teenagers to people in their 40s, and she carried more than 90% of the series by herself. Suzy said, “To be honest, when the project came to me, I thought, ‘Why me? Why this role?’ I had doubts about whether I could handle this role when choosing it. I felt unsure and lacked confidence. Considering the age range and how people perceive me, I worried if I could portray a character like this. Even the image people have of me might cause some resistance when I play a character in her 40s. So, there was uncertainty about choosing this role. But my ambition was so great that I thought, ‘I can do it if I do it well.'” Suzy explained.

Suzy’s choice, to just go for it, turned out to be the right one. She said, “In reality, I attended the awards ceremony with the mindset of ‘Let’s just enjoy it.’ Due to doubts about whether I deserved such an award, I couldn’t fully enjoy it during the ceremony. But now, looking back, I think receiving such an award was a significant honor. It felt like I received strong encouragement to move forward more vigorously. From the moment I chose ‘Anna,’ through the challenging filming, to the end, it was all worth it. Each time I receive an award for my work, it feels like a significant source of encouragement. It feels like going back to those moments when I made choices, telling myself to keep doing what I believe in and do it well.” Suzy said.

Suzy’s next project,'”Iduna!’, is another example of her not making the same choices and continually challenging herself. Despite being an idol from Miss A and playing the role of a ‘retired idol’, it wasn’t an easy choice. Suzy said, “It was interesting to me because I thought I might be able to understand this point better. When other idols look at the webtoon, they might empathize with it. Also, because the character isn’t typical, it gave me a sense of excitement. Iduna decides to quit being an idol, goes into hiding, and lives as she pleases. It’s a fantasy that made me wonder, ‘What would this kind of life be like?’ She’s a character I really want to embrace.”

Suzy’s next venture is music. She said, “For me, releasing music is an escape. When I act, I become more ambitious about music, and when I work on an album or something similar, I think about my work. Now, I focus on my acting career, but when I work on a song and release it, it’s like revealing my little diary to the world. I gain more confidence as I work on songs that I can proudly share with the world. I recently watched the play ‘Rent-Apartment,’ and it left a deep impression on me. You can see the actors’ expressions better in the theater than when watching a movie on the big screen, so I learned a lot. Someday, I’d like to try musicals as well.”

As Suzy enters her 30s, she sees growth in herself. She said, “To be honest, I didn’t have any thoughts about it, but people around me kept asking about the meaning of being in my ’30s,’ so I thought, ‘Do I have to find meaning forcibly?’ I laugh. But, more than the meaning of the number, compared to my early 20s, I feel like I’ve become a calmer and better person. I’ve developed the ability to handle things a bit more indifferently, regardless of what happens. It’s like that, just a bit stronger, and I’m looking forward to it.”


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