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Taeyang opens up about his path to happiness and mental well-being

Taeyang shares insights on family, self-esteem, and staying positive in challenging times

On the 28th, Taeyang appeared on the YouTube channel ‘VOGUE KOREA,’ where he shared his current state of happiness and talked about how he manages his emotions.

When asked about his current happiness, Taeyang responded, “Spending time with my family is making me very happy.” He mentioned the time he spends with his wife, Min Hyorin, and their son.

He also added, “After the pandemic, I released an album and continued to meet fans during performances. I think that is the greatest happiness.”

Regarding how to increase self-esteem, Taeyang said, “Self-esteem starts with comparing oneself to others. To get out of that, you need to know yourself from within, acknowledge your shortcomings, and fill them in a better direction.”

He further emphasized that one of the easiest ways is to be around people with high self-esteem, listen to their stories, and keep them close.

When it comes to getting rid of negative thoughts, Taeyang shared, “Even when you try to think positively, you can’t stop negative thoughts from creeping in.” He believes that thinking about the root causes of those thoughts can help overcome them faster.

Regarding the question, how to keep doing what you love without getting tired?, ¬†Taeyang replied, “I enjoy the process of what I do. While the results are important, there are good and bad times. To work for a long time, I believe the joy in the process of working should be greater than the results.”

He also discussed the concept of harmony, saying, “Harmony is both a beautiful appearance and a balanced form. It is the most crucial point in life. I believe that when things are in harmony, mental and physical health can be maintained.”

Taeyang, a member of Big Bang, continues to be active in various music activities and concerts.

In the interview with Vogue, Taeyang shared his perspective on happiness, self-esteem, dealing with negative thoughts, and how to maintain passion in one’s work. These insights give readers a glimpse into his philosophy and approach to life and well-being.


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