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Taeyeon reveals a special gift from fans: A kid’s electric car

On the 29th, Taeyeon‘s channel ‘TAEYEON Official’ released a video titled ‘Taipei Right Now! So Moist! TAEYEON CONCERT in TAIPEI’.

Upon arriving in Taiwan for the concert, Taeyeon exclaimed, “Once the luggage arrives, I’ll go for rehearsal. Taiwan is very humid right now, with a great atmosphere, and it’s so nice.” After finishing the rehearsal, Taeyeon returned to the waiting room and expressed her longing for Girls’ Generation members, saying, “I used to always come with the members, but they’re not here now. This place used to be bustling.”

Taeyeon certified a gift that looked like a children’s electric car, saying, “Everyone, I finally got a car. I drive fast, right? I got a car that I can ride in Tae-man (her nickname). Thank you.” She personally drove the car around the waiting room. With a laugh, Taeyeon said, “It doesn’t have brakes,” expressing gratitude to the fans who gave her the gift.

Meanwhile, in June, Taeyeon completed a total of 12 concerts in 8 regions, starting from Seoul and including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, ending with Singapore.


Author Nat.O
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