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Thai Fans Upset Over High Prices for K-Pop Concerts

K-pop concert prices have been causing complaints among fans in Thailand, which is considered the hub of the Korean Wave in Southeast Asia. Some fans have even filed complaints with consumer protection agencies regarding the high ticket prices.

According to local media outlet MGR Online on May 3, the average price for a K-pop concert ticket in Thailand this year was about 5,270 baht ($168), which is 17.9% higher than the 2019 price of 4,470 baht ($142) before the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the average price of 3,302 baht ($105) ten years ago in 2013, the current ticket prices are 59.6% higher.

Fans have been expressing their dissatisfaction, pointing out that the benefits for these high-priced tickets are minimal compared to the past when the most expensive tickets were around 6,000 baht ($191) and the cheapest tickets were around 1,050 baht ($33).

For instance, VIP tickets for BLACKPINK‘s upcoming concert in Thailand, to be held at the Rajamangala National Stadium on May 27-28, cost 14,800 baht ($470), which has received a lot of criticism from fans.

Some fans have been so burdened by the cost of concert tickets that they have lodged complaints with the consumer protection agencies. For example, in February of this year, the fan club of Stray Kids, who performed in Bangkok last October, filed a complaint with the consumer protection agency. The highest-priced ticket for the concert was 8,500 baht ($270).

According to the consumer protection agency, the government cannot regulate concert ticket prices as they are based on an agreement between the seller and the consumer, and there are no laws in place to control them.

Industry insiders explained that ten years ago, 70% of the concert costs were covered by sponsorships, which helped keep ticket prices low. However, as the percentage of sponsorship declined to less than 30%, ticket prices have risen.

Author Belgarion
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