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The behind-the-scenes music video of BTS’s V and IU’s “Love wins all” has been released

The behind-the-scenes music video of the group BTS’s V and singer IU’s “Love wins all” has been released.

On the 28th, V posted several photos along with the text “Taejun and Jihye, be happy” on his account.

IU and V in the photo were exactly as they were in the music video. The two people are posing in front of the camera wearing an old wedding dress and a suit.

IU expressed the ordeal the protagonist faced with her matted hair, scarred face, and light makeup. Scars were applied not only to her face, but also to her body, and her wedding dress was somewhat scorched, creating a sickly appearance.

V also had slightly matted hair, a scarred face, and colored lenses to make one eye look cloudy, and then wore a grimy suit.

Even though the two people were dressed in shabby clothes, they looked at each other with sweet eyes and acted as an affectionate couple with bright smiles.

‘Taejun’ and ‘Jihye’ are the nicknames of two people who have become hot topics in the online community. After a netizen posted, “Now, when you look at the two-shot of IU and V, they don’t look like two people. They look just like Taejun and Jihye. It’s a name I made up,” and the post spread online, gaining sympathy. V also seems to have recognized this.

Meanwhile, immediately after its release, IU’s “Love wins all” took first place on Melon Top 100 and Hot 100, as well as sweeping first place on major domestic music charts such as Genie and Bugs. The sound source properly shows IU’s potential. The music video also garnered over 29 million views, arousing keen interest from fans at home and abroad. On this day, IU released a video titled ‘The day she traded her health for great results’ through her YouTube channel, revealing the behind-the-scenes footage of her music video.


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