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The era is becoming increasingly favorable for idol trainees from wealthy backgrounds

The era is becoming increasingly favorable for idol trainees from wealthy backgrounds.

As competition intensifies, there is a growing trend of being from wealthy backgrounds. It’s an open secret in the industry that entertainment companies prefer trainees from stable family backgrounds even during the selection process. As the saying goes, “It’s difficult to become a dragon in a pond,” and this trend is accelerating in the entertainment industry.

Recently, photos of what is known as the “Teddy Girl Group” practice room, featuring global influencer Ella Gross and Shinsegae Group Chairman Lee Myung-hee’s granddaughter Moon, became a hot topic among K-pop fans when they were shared on an internet community.

Following this, The Black Label officially announced on the 6th that “The girl group being produced by Double Black Label is preparing for debut in the first half of this year.” Ella Gross and Moon are rumored to be in contention for debut in the Double Black Label’s upcoming girl group.

As a result, expectations among K-pop fans for the Teddy Girl Group are at an all-time high. While this reflects trust in Teddy, who has produced hit songs for groups like 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, there is also considerable curiosity about how Ella Gross and Moon will fare in a girl group debut.

Especially noteworthy is the public’s interest in Moon, a third-generation chaebol, undergoing trainee life for a girl group debut, which has raised curiosity about the trainee world. Large-scale entertainment agencies, including those classified under the Big 4 – HYBE, JYP, SM, and YG, invest significant funds to recruit talent and provide training for continuous and stable rookie launches.

As K-pop’s influence continues to grow, the market for trainees is also expanding. Many aspire to become idols and go through rigorous stages such as auditioning, trainee life, and debut selection. Recently, debut decisions are often made through survival programs, adding another layer to the journey to debut.

In this increasingly competitive debut landscape, trainees are also expected to have exceptional credentials. As mentioned earlier, Ella Gross has already built a career as a model and boasts over 4 million followers as an influencer. Moon, on the other hand, comes from a prestigious background as the granddaughter of the Shinsegae Group.

A music industry insider commented, “The saying ‘It’s difficult to become a dragon in a pond’ no longer seems to apply to the K-pop trainee market.”

Adding, “With fierce competition even before debut, trainees who possess tremendous charm or talent, or have popularity or a strong background, are favored by agencies. When skills are not significantly different, agencies tend to lean towards members with popularity or a solid foundation.”

Another insider explained, “In the past, there were many trainees from modest family backgrounds who continued training under difficult circumstances. However, nowadays, there seem to be many trainees aspiring to become idols who come from wealthy and unique backgrounds.”

Adding, “As competition intensifies, it’s essential for trainees to have distinctive qualities beyond looks, charm, and skills. Having a ‘golden spoon’ or ‘diamond spoon’ doesn’t just mean having wealth, but also having unique characteristics and traits.”


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