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“The Fire Woman” has confirmed its release in March and released its launch poster

“The Fire Woman”, a thriller depicting the story of a top actress getting caught up in a shocking murder case ahead of her comeback, has confirmed its release in March and released its launch poster.

The thriller “The Fire Woman”, which heralds a strong acting transformation by Park Ji-yeon from T-ara, has confirmed its release in March and released a launching poster with strong visuals. “The Fire Woman” is a thriller that begins when actress Soo-yeon (played by Park Ji-yeon), who falls into the abyss due to one mistake, is drunk and asleep while the junior actress she lived with is murdered.

The movie”The Fire Woman”, which is confirmed to be released in March, is a thriller film starring actress Park Ji-yeon.

Park Ji-yeon, who debuted in the girl group T-ara in 2009 and took the music industry by storm, was greatly loved. She made her screen debut as the lead actress in the 2010 film “Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp”. Su-yeon, played by Ji-yeon Park in “The Fire Woman”, even won the grand prize for acting with her overflowing talent, but she is a famous actress who lost all of her popularity due to one mistake. Park Ji-yeon takes on the role of ‘Su-yeon’, her first attempt at the thriller genre, heralding her transformation into a powerful image we have never seen before.

In addition, actress Song Ji-eun, from the girl group Secret, appeared as Ji-min, a long-time fan of Su-yeon and hiding a secret, causing joy, and actress Kim Nuri played the role of Ga-young, a rising new actress following Su-yeon, with a confident and unique personality.

Expectations are high as he plans to show off his acting skills. Meanwhile, “The Fire Woman” is a new work by director Yoo Young-seon, who directed the movies “The Witch” and “Woman’s Wail” and wrote the screenplays for the movies “Insane” and “Diva”.

The image of Soo-yeon in the poster released along with the news of her release confirmation, with her messy hair, slanted eyes, and staring gaze, shows that the incident she will fall into as she is overcome by anxiety and anger is unusual. Expect it to be The image of Soo-yeon, who appears to be talking on the phone with someone, and the copy “Why did you do that to me?” come together, stimulating curiosity as to who pushed Suyeon, who was about to make a comeback, into the murder case and why.

“The Fire Woman”, the most shocking mystery thriller of 2024, will be released in March and meet audiences.


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