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The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is making a comeback – starting from Shaun. Who is next?

The 2023 Ice Bucket Challenge, initiated by Jinusean’s Shaun, is spreading throughout the entertainment industry.

On the 10th, Shaun posted a lengthy message on his social networking service, stating, “For the past 12 years, I have been working hard to establish the first Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care Hospital in Korea. It has been a long and challenging journey, but thanks to the support of many people, I could not give up on the dream of establishing the first Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care Hospital in Korea. I made efforts to operate the Seungil Hope Foundation transparently, and during my 12 years as the representative, I have never received a salary from the foundation (this is a gesture of gratitude to those who believed in me and donated to the foundation). My wife Hye-young and I have donated more than 500 million won to the Seungil Hope Foundation.”

He continued, “In 2009, I met basketball player Park Seung-il, who was suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and promised to help him realize his dream of establishing the first Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care Hospital in Korea. In order to keep that promise, I established the Seungil Hope Foundation in July 2011 and served as the co-representative of the foundation with Park Seung-il. I became his voice and hands, as he couldn’t move or speak, to establish the Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care Hospital as soon as possible… It was even more challenging than I thought. However, with the interest and donations from many people for the Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care Hospital, we gradually accumulated support. And in 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge brought national attention to Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It was truly a miraculous event.”

Read Shaun’s full Instagram post here!

In 2014, various Korean celebrities, including Sung Yuri, Jeon Hyosung, and Jeong Eun-ji, participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. In 2018, Sunye and Baek Ji-young also shared news of their donations. Once again, the Ice Bucket Challenge is captivating the entertainment industry, drawing the attention of many people.

Author Nat.O
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