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The late ASTRO Moonbin celebrated his first birthday since his death

The late ASTRO Moonbin celebrated his first birthday since his death.

Moonbin’s close friends, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, VIVIZ’s SinB and Umji, who were close friends with him, celebrated his birthday by posting a photo of a birthday cake on the 26th. A candle with the number “27” was also placed on top of the cake with the group photo printed on it.

Umji missed him, leaving a message saying, “I’m 27 now. Let’s grow older together. Happy birthday, Bin. I miss you a lot!”

Here, Woozi also kept his promise to Moonbin.

In response to Moonbin’s sad news last year, Woozi said, “I miss my Bin so much. Just a week ago, I vividly remember talking about making time to dance together.”

He added, “I wanted to hear the song when you were going to release it, and I was singing ‘What Future’ to you. Even if I have to take responsibility and fight with the company, I will definitely bring it to you on your birthday.”

Woozi released the song “What Kind of Future” that he had promised with Moonbin at midnight on the 26th, his birthday. The introduction to “What Kind of Future” contains the message, “I will never forget your smile filled with love, no matter what future.”

Seungkwan expressed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you, Bin.”


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