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The official fan club name of TWS has been decided as “42”

The official fan club name of TWS has been decided as “42”.

On the 2nd, TWS announced their official fan club name through various channels such as the global fandom life platform Weverse, their official website, and YouTube. “42” symbolizes the special bond between the group and their fans, representing all the moments they share together.

Their agency, Pledis Entertainment, expressed their anticipation for the future, saying, “We look forward to the time ahead when TWS and “42” will share new stories and unexpected joys every day.”

“42” also brings to mind the track “BFF” from TWS’s debut mini-album “Sparkling Blue”. Pledis described how the brass sound in the chorus enhances the lively and refreshing atmosphere of the song, evoking the pleasant emotions of “a very enjoyable relationship.”

In a typography motion video, the phrase “24/7:WITH:US” appears, with the number “24” gradually disappearing until only “42” remains. This connection between their team name, derived from “TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WITH US”, meaning being together all the time, and the fan club name “42” is visually depicted.


Author Nat.O
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