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The spotlight on Hallyu’s long-standing couples: Kim Woo-bin ♥ Shin Min-ah and Choi Soo-young ♥ Jung Kyung-ho

As one by one they announce their marriages, attention is also drawn to the long-standing couples in the entertainment industry who continue their beautiful love stories. While the end of a relationship doesn’t always have to be marriage, these couples’ ‘marriage status’ is always a topic of interest, given the long duration of their relationships.

Actor Go Kyu-pil recently announced his marriage to singer A-min, who is nine years his junior. On the 6th, his agency, Big Boss Entertainment, stated, “Go Kyu-pil and A-min will be making a hundred-year covenant on November 12th.” The wedding will be a private event attended by close relatives and friends from both sides. Go Kyu-pil and A-min, after nine years of dating, are finally tying the knot.

Iconic long-time couple, singer Se7en and actress Lee Da-hae, also got married in May. Se7en and Lee Da-hae spent eight years by each other’s side, and they will continue to be strong companions. Many celebrities attended their wedding to celebrate. Comedians Kim Jun-ho and Jo Se-ho hosted the event, while Big Bang’s Taeyang, Gummy, and Bada sang beautifully, making it a grand wedding.

Particularly, their wedding and newlywed life were openly shared through broadcasts, drawing even more attention. Their appearances on the SBS variety show ‘Same Bed Different Dreams – You Are My Destiny’ showed them bickering but quickly creating a sweet atmosphere, making viewers and netizens envious.

There are star couples who are mentioned when talking about married couples. Actors Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah have been nurturing their love for nine years. Shin Min-ah stood by Kim Woo-bin even when he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017.

Recently, Kim Woo-bin personally bid farewell to his long-time fan who had passed away. His lover, Shin Min-ah, also sent a floral wreath, adding to the emotions.

Moreover, Shin Min-ah attended her manager’s wedding with Kim Woo-bin, attracting attention. On that day, Shin Min-ah gave a congratulatory speech, and a group photo from the wedding showed a snapshot of her and Kim Woo-bin, proudly displaying their unwavering love.

Singer and actress Choi Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho have been in a public relationship for 11 years. They have not shied away from discussing their relationship in interviews and on YouTube.

While Choi Soo-young briefly mentioned marriage during an interview following the conclusion of the drama ‘Not Others,’ saying, “I will share good news if there is any,” Jung Kyung-ho, on the other hand, stated that he believes marriage is something they should do when the time comes, but there are no concrete plans yet. Choi Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho frequently leave comments on each other’s social media posts and support each other, showcasing their sweet relationship.

Marriage doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending, but as long as couples enjoy their time together, support and encourage each other, they can continue their love story. However, after meeting, parting ways is also a possibility. Fans eagerly await the marriage news from these couples, hoping to see their love stories last for a long time.


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