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Tony Leung appeared in NewJean’s ‘Cool With You’ MV

On the 20th, NewJeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) released the music video for one of the triple title tracks of their 2nd mini-album ‘Get Up’ titled ‘Cool With You’ in both Side A and Side B versions.

In the music video, Jung Ho-yeon took on the role of Eros, who chooses love over the position of a god, and delivered delicate emotional acting. Despite his brief appearance, Tony Leung left a powerful impression with just his eyes and aura. Both actors, with only one line each, maximized the narrative of the music video, which is a modern adaptation of the Greek mythology episode ‘Psyche and Eros’.

Director Shin Woo-seok and overall producer Min Do-hee, who produced this music video, said, “Even though it was a short appearance, we wanted a charismatic and presence-filled actor. While considering many options, we thought of Tony Leung.” They added, “Tony Leung thoroughly analyzed the scenario in advance and even suggested the white-haired styling in the music video. He showed his enthusiasm by doing his best on set, receiving praise from the staff like a great actor.”

Tony Leung’s casting was personally made by overall producer, Min Do-hee. Through an acquaintance, Min Do-hee delivered the scenario to Tony Leung, and after confirming the music video’s story, Tony Leung appeared, without earning from this project, as an attractive character regardless of the length of the role.

Tony Leung and Jung Ho-yeon shared their thoughts on the appearance through Adore. Tony Leung expressed, “I met good fate and wanted to give a small gift to Korean fans,” revealing his affection for Korea. Jung Ho-yeon expressed her wish, “NewJeans, Tony Leung, and all the staff worked happily together. I hope the viewers can also receive that joyful energy.”

The two versions of the ‘Cool With You’ music video are receiving explosive responses immediately after their release. As of 1:30 PM on the 20th, the videos surpassed 6.05 million views on YouTube, and keywords like ‘Cool With You,’ ‘NewJeans MV,’ ‘Get Up,’ ‘NewJeans,’ and ‘Jung Ho-yeon’ trended on Twitter, creating a buzz. With the unique and charming vocals of NewJeans based on the UK Garage rhythm, combined with Jung Ho-yeon and Tony Leung’s outstanding performances, the artistry-infused music video is being highly praised.

In addition to ‘Cool With You,’ the second title track ‘ETA’ and ‘Super Shy,’ a total of 6 songs are included in NewJeans’ 2nd mini-album ‘Get Up,’ which was released at 1 PM on the 21st. Tony Leung appeared in ‘Cool With You’ MV, with the intention of “giving a gift to Korean fans.”

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