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Treasure unit T5, ‘MOVE’ release… “Diet for abs” → “Album with highest member participation”

The new song ‘MOVE’ by Treasure unit T5 will be released with its official audio and music video on the 28th at 6 PM.

Treasure will be active as unit T5, consisting of members So Jung Hwan, Jun Kyu, Ji Hoon, Yoon Jae Hyuk, and Do Young. They plan to showcase their mature charm and musical growth as a full vocal unit. Through the song ‘MOVE,’ which Jun Kyu personally participated in writing and composing, T5 will unveil a deeper charm. They will present lyrics that depict irresistible emotions through movement, captivating sound, and powerful performances.

The pre-released dance video has garnered fans’ attention. The members expressed their determination, saying, “Finally, our T5 is coming out into the world. Since the wait is over, we will run passionately with ‘MOVE’ throughout July.”

Below is an excerpt from a Q&A session with T5:

Q: How do you feel about being active as a new unit T5 in Treasure?

Jun Kyu: We have come out into the world as a unit called T5. We will show our wonderful and perfect side to the Treasure Makers (fandom name) as well as music fans.

Ji Hoon: I wanted to show a different side of Treasure compared to before. I’m proud that the result of that consideration turned out well, and I’m eager to meet the audience on stage quickly.

Yoon Jae Hyuk: I was nervous and excited but prepared hard. Above all, I hope the Treasure Makers will like it.

Do Young: I think the T5 activities will allow each member’s individual charm to shine. I have also discovered a new side of myself through this challenge and grown even more.

So Jung Hwan: I always feel like I’m growing. After the Asian tour in the first half of this year, I’m looking forward to this activity as another driving force for my growth.

Q: What kind of song is Jun Kyu’s first self-composed song ‘MOVE’? I’m curious about the behind-the-scenes of its creation.

Jun Kyu: ‘MOVE’ is a groovy and energetic dance song. It’s intense yet has a slightly restrained and subtle sentiment as its key point. I didn’t start with a specific image when I began working on the song. I just wanted to show a different twist from my existing image. It was a challenge for myself, so I enjoyed working on it. I wanted to become an artist who can create such songs someday, and I’m happy that it turned out well.

Q: What was your first impression of ‘MOVE’?

Ji Hoon: I immediately thought that I could digest the performance well, to the point where it brought the performance to mind. I quickly got immersed in the song while imagining the stage. I was excited about being able to show a mature side different from Treasure’s music.

Q: If there is a choreography point you want people to pay attention to, what would it be?

So Jung Hwan: There is a choreography that feels like pulling someone towards you during the chorus. The intuitive dance break segment with the dancers is also impressive. The large-scale group choreography that unfolds along with the sound variations is overwhelming. Since T5 has music broadcasts scheduled, I want to show it on stage as soon as possible.

Q. There have been many responses highlighting the mature sensibility. The solid abs have also garnered attention.

Junkyu: I’m usually someone who laughs a lot, but for this concept, I had to show a mature charm, so I did a lot of research. Instead of focusing on big movements, I wanted to bring out the details through expressions, gestures, and gazes.

Yoon Jaehyuk: The choreography for ‘MOVE’ is different from Treasure’s previous dance styles. It took some effort at first to find the right feel for the groovy dance, but with the help of the members, we overcame it.

Doyoung: Initially, it wasn’t easy to express the mood of this song. Showing my natural self without exerting too much force was challenging. However, through consistent practice, I learned how to adjust nuances and naturally capture the atmosphere of the song. And I also worked really hard on my fitness. (laughs) I paid attention to my diet and worked out with the members whenever we had free time.

Q. If there are any noteworthy points in the music video and memorable shooting episodes, please share.

So Jung-hwan: We filmed in various sets over three days. Each member had their own set and props, allowing us to maximize our individual characters, identities, and charm. The outfits were all stylish, so we were all highly motivated. We put in efforts to incorporate various points into the shooting, and I hope the viewers will be satisfied.

Doyoung: The most memorable thing was when the Treasure members visited the shooting set. We were busy with our regular album work, but they came to the set in person, and it gave us a great boost. Some members even sent surprise gifts. There was a note with our photos saying, “Please take care of us,” which made my shoulders shake with excitement.

Q. What is the goal of T5 activities?

So Jung-hwan: Through these activities, I want to show a more matured charm, as if unveiling a bit from our pure student image.

Jihoon: I want to make people think, “Treasure is also good at this kind of music.” Junkyu composed great songs, and we all worked together to deliver them splendidly. Since T5 marked the start of Treasure’s comeback, I hope you can also look forward to our full-group activities while watching the ‘MOVE’ stage.

Q. Could you give us a little sneak peek of the 2nd full-length album ‘REBOOT’?

Junkyu: Among the albums we have released so far, the members’ participation in this one is the highest. We did our best to show our Treasure Makers, who have been waiting for us, a different side of us. We have prepared a diverse tracklist, ranging from easy-listening songs to ones that ignite inner dances, so you can look forward to it.

Q. Please share a message with Treasure Makers around the world who are waiting for you.

Yoon Jaehyuk: T5 is just the beginning. We ask for your support for Treasure’s 2nd full-length album ‘REBOOT’ along with T5. We are also planning to share news that will bring us closer to you in the second half of the year, so please look forward to it.

Jihoon: We are preparing various activities that will allow you to enjoy Treasure. We will take responsibility for the summer of 2023.

Watch Treasure – ‘Move (T5)’ MV here!

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