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TVXQ!’s Max Changmin shared his honest feelings about the ‘respect’ comments made by his idol juniors

TVXQ!’s Max Changmin shared his honest feelings about the ‘respect’ comments made by his idol juniors.

On the 26th, the YouTube channel hosted by Sung Si-kyung, titled “The standard of an idol! I had a drink with Max Changmin” was uploaded.

Max Changmin, who entered the music industry at the young age of 15 and is celebrating his 20th debut anniversary as TVXQ!, was highly praised by Sung Si-kyung, saying, “If I were his junior, I would have thought he was the most ideal type of idol.”

However, Max Changmin said, “Personally, I feel a little happy but also annoyed because when my juniors say, ‘I want to be like my older brother,’ I don’t think it’s because they truly respect me. In the end, I feel like they are jealous of my current situation.”

He continued, “I joined SM Entertainment at the age of 14 and debuted as TVXQ after a year of training. Actually, I didn’t start because I liked it. In a way, I started because I was tempted.”

“When young kids go to school, there’s nothing they like to do. I think I wanted to be recognized by someone because I was receiving intensive education,” he confessed honestly.

“A casting representative came to my school and suggested an audition, and although I didn’t know much about it, I was attracted to the fact that they recognized and recommended me. That’s how we started and we’ve come this far,” explains Max Changmin.

In response, Sung Si-kyung said, “I understand your feelings. However, the current TVXQ is a good example of ‘this is becoming a career’. Releasing an album now means being alive. They are continuing their activities at the top. This will make juniors think, ‘You can eat like that.’”


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