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Harper’s Bazaar Korea: TWICE has shared their thoughts on reaching their 10th year in the industry

TWICE has shared their thoughts on reaching their 10th year in the industry on Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

On the 26th, Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine unveiled a pictorial of TWICE‘s Jeongyeon, who made a comeback with their 13th mini-album “With YOU-th”.

From her unique clear and refreshing face to her effortlessly chic charm, she showcased contrasting charms without hesitation.

When asked about their thoughts on returning with a new album that once again talks about youth after a year, she replied, “TWICE is celebrating its 10th year this year. Knowing that preparing an album together like this is never a given made me approach it differently from usual. It’s an album that all the members worked hard on, to the extent of recording everything and changing parts several times.”

Regarding the time when they had to take a break from activities due to health reasons, she expressed gratitude towards the members, saying, “There are times when I regret not overcoming it sooner, but I consider myself admirable for standing up like this. It was possible because there were members who silently believed in me even when I doubted myself. They helped me stay grounded with objective advice.”

As for her feelings about approaching her 30s, she said, “Just like I didn’t expect to have hobbies like tennis, surfing, and climbing in my 20s, I’m curious about what I’ll dive into in my 30s. Trying something I haven’t done before helps me discover a new side of myself. That’s why embarking on a new path always makes me excited and happy.”


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