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TWICE’s Jihyo reveals model sister Lee ha eum

TWICE’s Jihyo has introduced her younger sister, the model Lee Ha eum.

On the episode of MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ aired on the 13th, TWICE‘s Jihyo went camping with her younger sister, who is active as a model.

On this day, Jihyo introduced her 6-year-old younger sister, who goes by the name Lee Ha eum, and is currently working as a model. The two of them headed to a camping site together, prepared by their parents. After completing the camping preparations, Jihyo and her sister worked together to prepare food.

The two of them video-called their youngest sibling and had a conversation. When the youngest sibling, who is in middle school, asked Jihyo to wait for four more years, Jihyo said, “In four years, I’ll be in my thirties.” To this, the youngest sibling jokingly replied, “Unnie, by then, you’ll be an ajumma (older woman).”

Her sister also dreams of living independently and said,

“If I live alone, I’ll have a home party once a week. I’ll invite my sister as the first guest.” Jihyo added, “My sisters are like my best friends for life. I hope my younger sister becomes an adult quickly, and we can go on trips together. I want to try traveling like guides for our parents as well.”


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