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U-KISS’s Hoon and Hwang Ji Sun delighted to welcome their first child

On the 4th, U-KISS’s Hoon posted an ultrasound image of the fetus along with the caption, “On October 4th, I want to share some joyful news.”

Hoon said, “The precious and valuable life that our couple has been earnestly hoping and waiting for has arrived,” and added, “My son, who is entering the 27th week, already looks like me.”

He continued, saying, “We will become good parents who can grow up in love and blessings. As a father, I will do my best for my wife, who has worked hard, and for the baby who is growing up healthily. Please give us your blessings. Thank you.”

Upon hearing the news, netizens responded with comments like, “Congratulations,” “He really looks like Hoon,” and “He must be handsome like his dad.”

U-KISS’s Hoon obtained the title of ‘idol couple’ when he married Hwang Ji-sun, who was an original member of Girl’s Day, in May 2022. U-KISS released a special digital single, ‘The Wonderful Escape’ on August 28th.


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