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Uee’s cafe success and Kim Jong-kook’s money-saving tips unveiled on KBS2’s ‘Problem Child in House’

In the article, Uee, one of the lead actors in the KBS2 weekend drama ‘Live Your Own Life’, is featured in KBS2’s ‘Problem Child in House’ on September 13th at 8:30 PM KST.

In the segment, Uee reveals her recent transformation into a cafe owner, stating that she goes out every day on her days off, personally making drinks and desserts for her cafe. Despite her busy schedule, she is committed to her business. She also shares that she goes to work without makeup and jokes about her employees’ complaints that they need to do makeup since the cafe’s promotion isn’t effective.

When asked about her cafe’s income, she confesses that despite paying three employees their full salaries, the cafe is profitable. She takes pride in her first business venture, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit.

Furthermore, Uee surprises everyone by disclosing Kim Jong-kook‘s surprising money management method. He shares that he doesn’t use credit cards, only debit cards, and has been managing his finances directly for three years. This frugal money management technique surprises the cast and MCs.

Kim Jong-kook, known for his thrifty nature, confesses that he has never bought an emoticon with his own money and even returns gifts received via chat messages.

Uee’s unique business acumen and Kim Jong-kook’s frugal money management methods will be featured in the upcoming episode of “Problem Child in House” airing on September 13th at 8:30 PM KST.


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