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Uhm Hyun-kyung and Cha Seo-won embrace the arrival of baby number 2 with radiant joy

Actor Uhm Hyun-kyung (37) and Cha Seo-won (32, real name Lee Chang-yeop) have welcomed a baby boy into their family.

A entertainment industry insider reported to JTBC Entertainment on the 16th, saying, “Uhm Hyun-kyung has given birth to a healthy son.” Cha Seo-won remained by his wife Uhm Hyun-kyung’s side, embracing their beautiful son. Currently, Cha Seo-won is fulfilling his military service as a public service worker.

Uhm Hyun-kyung and Cha Seo-won announced their marriage in June, along with the news that they were expecting their second child. At that time, both agencies stated, “Actors Cha Seo-won and Uhm Hyun-kyung became acquainted through their work in the drama ‘The Second Husband’ and their mutual affection continued beyond the end of the drama. The two people were dating with marriage in mind, and they planned to hold the wedding after Cha Seo-won’s discharge from the military.”

Uhm Hyun Kyung And Cha Seo Won From “The Second Husband” Welcome Their  First Child | Soompi

In addition, they shared, “In the midst of all this, like a blessing, a precious new life has come to the two of them. The couple is currently waiting for this precious life with care and gratitude. They hope to share this blessing with the two of them in a quiet, devout manner.”

The baby was born healthy, and the couple plans to focus on parenting for the time being.

Uhm Hyun-kyung, born in 1986, made her debut with the sitcom ‘Rainbow Romance’ in 2005. She appeared in various dramas, including ‘Just Run’ (2006), ‘Ma-ui’ (2013), ‘Mom’s Garden’ (2014), ‘The Bird That Doesn’t Cry’ (2015), ‘Defendant’ (2015), and ‘The Secret Man’ (2020-2021). She was also active in variety shows like ‘Happy Together 3’.

Born in 1991, Cha Seo-won made his debut in the drama ‘The Heirs’ in 2013. He appeared in dramas such as ‘The Tale of Nokdu’ (2019), ‘Cheer Up, Mr. Kim’ (2019), and gained stardom through ‘The Second Husband’. He earned the nickname ‘Nangtto’ by revealing his daily life on ‘I Live Alone’. He enlisted in November last year.

She Is..." Cha Seo Won Shares How Much Uhm Hyeon Kyung Means to Him


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